Accident checklist (keep a copy in the glovebox)

Posted on September 3rd, 2009 by Joe Weast

In case of an accident here’s some things you’ll want to consider doing:

1) After stopping, turn OFF the engine and turn ON the hazards
2) Check for injuries. Do not move any injured persons unless they are in immediate danger
3) Call the police. If someone is injured also call 911
4) Get out your driver’s license and insurance card and identify yourself to the police
5) Get as much info as possible from the other driver. Name, phone #, address, license plate #, and insurance name and policy #
6) Do NOT debate the accident. Let your insurance company work for you to determine who is at fault.
7) Do not sign any statements or reports other than those required by law.
8.) If you have a camera handy (even a phone camera would work) take some shots of the damage and the scene.
9.) If the car is not drivable call a towing company. In Cincinnati we recommend A1 towing 513.563.0100
10) Call us at Center City Collision and let us handle the estimate and claim process for you 513.631.2406