Even more important than gloves, keep these in your glove box…

Posted on September 3rd, 2009 by Joe Weast

Here’s five of the most important pieces of information you can keep in your glove box (in case of an accident):

1) The name of your insurance company
2) Your policy number
3) Your insurance agent’s phone number
4) The name and number of a local towing company
5) A checklist of what to do in an accident

For those who like to be REALLY prepared, here’s a few more…

6) a flashlight in case you have an accident at night
7) a disposal camera so you can shoot some photos at the scene (mobile phones are a good option as well)
8.) an on-duty police officer… but they rarely fit neatly in the glovebox. 8)

For #5 check out the next post…
Here’s to hoping you never need this info!