Tips on Finding a Good Body Shop

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 by Joe Weast

In the Body ShopHere are a few tips to help you find a reputable body shop. I suggest you use all of these together rather than rely on just one.

First, ask your insurance company who they recommend. Shops on insurance preferred repairer lists tend to be better monitored and have a longer track record of quality repairs.

Second, check for reviews to see if the shop has good recommendations from other consumers and even consumer advocates like the Better Business Bureau ( Typically there are also reviews online of reputable shops at sites like Google and Yelp. Just type the name of the shop into a search engine and reviews will typically be available for shops with a long track record of quality repairs. You can also get reviews or recommendations by asking friends of their experiences with a body shop.

Finally, visit the shop, request an estimate and take the opportunity to simply look around. You will need to trust your gut on this one but shops that are clean, professional and orderly are more likely trustworthy than ones that are dirty, in disarray and have a rude staff.

Of course if you’re in the Cincinnati area we’d love to be sure your body shop of choice. If you need us we’re here to help.

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