How Gary Rains Body Shop
Was Launched

(Some reflections from the owner’s son, who now owns and operates Center City Collision, our sister shop in Norwood, Ohio.)

Some of my earliest memories are of my father working in a little 2-car body shop behind our first house in North Fairmont. He worked 70+ hours a week for a meat packing company downtown but somehow found time on the evenings and weekends to learn a new trade: auto body repair.

Two years later a local dealership went out on a limb and gave him a single car to repair. He fixed it, painted it, cleaned it up and returned it to them by the end of that same day! They were stunned by the speed and workmanship, so they gave him another car to repair. After proving his abilities several times over in auto repair and collision repair, they hired him to manage their entire service department. He learned the ropes and then went out in 1978 to start Gary Rains Body Shop. With his commitment to quality the business went from the humble 2-car garage in our backyard to two full-service auto body shops.

Our other location:

Center City Collision
Phone: (513)631.2406
Mail: 4300 Montgomery Rd. Norwood OH